Omniverse Live - the first real-time spaceship MMORPG for the iPhone.
Development Update

The Omniverse Live development continues! We have just found and fixed a bug which would give players infinite money.

This fix is implemented as a server update, so you do not need to download a new client, and it has already gone live!

Back in Appstore!

Omniverse Live is now available again in the Apple Appstore!

Version 1.0.1 should fix the map crashing problem that a lot of users were experiencing, and it is recommended that all current Omniverse Live users upgrade to this version immediately.

Temporarily Unavailable

We have decided to temporarily pull Omniverse Live from the Appstore due to a crash affecting players while in the map view.

Players who already have the game can keep on playing, but we're not allowing new downloads until we get this ironed out. A fix for the game has been posted to the Appstore and will be available in a few days. We may have a server work-around that could go live as early as sometime today.

Rest assured that we're working very hard to iron out the kinks in version 1.0 so that you have the best Omniverse experience!

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